1. What is the status on BMMHF issuing me a second grant?

The Board of Directors may grant additional grant disbursement based on additional needs by a veteran and his/her family.

2. I am from Wisconsin, have been attached to a Minnesota unit, have drilled with the MN unit, and was deployed to Iraq with them, do I qualify for this grant?

Although the grant criteria does not cover non-Minnesota taxpayers in general, those non-residents from our neighboring states (i.e., IA, SD, ND, WI) that travel to Minnesota each month in order to be a drilling member of a MN unit, and then are deployed with that unit will be considered as qualifying candidates for the BMMHF grant.

3. Is there a deadline for applying for the BMMHF grant?

No, there is not any immediate deadline. The Board of Directors reviews grant applications once a month.

4. What is the status of my application?

BMMHF is current in processing all Grant Applications, and we are working on applications just received in the last 30 days. If you mailed your application and supporting documents to BMMHF prior to that and you have not heard from BMMHF, please fax a copy of your application and the supporting documents to 651-293-4400 to the attention of Tom McDonough (Grants Administrator) prior to calling BMMHF or sending in a duplicate copy.

5. If I send in a DD214, what else do you need?

BMMHF needs all application forms filled out completely and signed Grant Application form with the “remit to” address for every applicant. If you have a DD214 and it states Minnesota as your HOME OF RECORD and deployment to combat as stated in having received IMMINENT DANGER PAY, that is all we need to approve your application.

If it does not state Minnesota as your Home of Record, we need Service Deployment Orders that reflect your deployment with a Minnesota unit.

If it does not state Imminent Danger Pay, we need an LES that reflects Hostile Fire Pay.

6. If I have not filed an application, what is the quickest way to get my application processed?

File On-Line: Visit our website at www.militaryheroesfoundation.org

The website is for review of the Grant Application process only. You will need to print off a clean copy of the Grant Application form and send it to the BMMHF Grants Administrator.

7. Who does the Program benefit?

Veterans and their families that have been impacted by the war.

8. Where is my paperwork held?

BMMHF is located at 251 West Lafayette Frontage Road, St. Paul, MN 55107. BMMHF maintains all business standard security for their facility. BMMHF files will be maintained and secured for the required legal timeframe.

9. Is this grant just for the National Guard?

No, BMMHF will provide grants to all active duty and honorably discharged Minnesota military personnel who have served in a combat zone since 9-11-01.

10. Which Commander’s name do you want?

List the name and telephone number of the Commander that could verify your deployment to a combat zone.

11. How important is sending in a LES?

In order for BMMHF to validate deployment to a combat zone, we are requesting an LES that reflects payment of Hostile Fire Pay.

12. Testimonials?

In order to promote the ongoing success of the BMMHF program, your testimonials are very important as we tell the story and solicit contributions from donors. Please consider. Thanks from the BMMHF Board of Directors.